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Tomerong, NSW 2540, Australia

Our Horses in their forever homes

zorro .jpg

Here is my girl chloe whom I purchased from Mary Mcdonald back in 2016 after a major fall off another horse that nearly left me paralysed I needed a very quiet horse that was able to cater for my capabilities of plodding along.
Since then chloe & I have become a team I love her very very dearly as I also suffer from debilitating mental health issues I can say she has pulled me out of dark places that I’ve been in....
She is truly the best thing for me: she is my legs when I can’t walk, my wings when I can’t fly, my voice when I can’t talk...
She knows when I’m down & will stand there patiently & wrap her neck/head around me to let me know she’s there for me, she is truly 1 of a kind 🥰🐴
I highly recommended mm’s I’ve brought 4 horses off Mary without any dramas at all.
Julie 🐴👌🏇👌XO

CHLOE -  Julie

"So  this is my boy Zorro I got from Mary He's a cheeky bugger with a smoochy personality He loves going riding with my friends but him and his brother darky are inseparable.. Ill have zorro for many years to come as his only 4 but SUCH a good boy"

ZORRO - Nteka

penney .jpg

A year ago we bought min min (min min lights) now Igor. He has been nothing but amazing and has been the greatest friends for my 32 year old TB. He has given me back my love for riding!

MIN MIN Allissa

A year ago my family lost my only son and my girls brother . I needed to find something to help keep the girls occupied and animals are the best medicine to heal your heart . I had grown up around horses all my childhood and teenage life but moved away from the country settled down and had children and never really had the opportunity to ride again. I knew how much the love and caring from a horse always took my mind off anything difficult in life so I thought let's give it a go . My youngest daughter had been doing riding lessons for almost a year when we purchased Penny ( big bang Penny ) in February this year , my older daughter suffers anxiety so it was difficult for her to even go near a horse but Penny won her over and gradually she's getting more confident not only around horses but within herself one day she may even ride . I can't thank Mm's enough for the joy that has been brought back into my family and I'm even contemplating getting back in the saddle myself and one day purchasing my own Mm's horse .

PENNY - Belinda